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Fuclro RAD’s semantic UI rendering plugin version 1.2.9 is available. Adds the ability to replace the css classes of the surrounding elements of forms (e.g. the fields and containers for relations).

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)17:04:47

Clojure CLI prerelease is available • TDEPS-153 - yet more work on errors during concurrent Maven downloads - please test! • TDEPS-225 - add programatic API to get the tree data (as in clj -X:deps tree :format :edn)

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Vendored this into our repo at work and ran a full CI pipeline after blowing away the Maven, gitlibs, and .clojure caches and it downloaded everything perfectly. I'll keep an eye on it and re-run CI without the cache a few times to see if I can get any glitches (we were seeing occasional problems, with errors during Maven downloads, whenever the cache got stale or got cleared).