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Sorry if this has already been asked before but is there going to be a live stream for the conference? For those of us who can't make it in person?

Sandra Wichtrup10:04:52

Hi mourjo, thanks for asking! We were thinking about a hybrid :clojureD with live stream, but unfortunately it involves too much effort and cost. But the talks (and our opening) will be available on our later as usual. So sorry!


Ah alright! Thanks in advance for the videos, though!

Sandra Wichtrup13:04:13

Ding Ding Ding 🔔 You are all soooo awesome, we can't believe it.... :clojureD 2022 is sold out! :star-struck: BUT we're working on increasing capacity and will keep you updated within next week! 🎯 Thank you all so much, we are speechless! 🙏💘🙏

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what was original planned capacity? and by how much are you hoping to increase it?


from 200 (limited by COVID) to whatever is responsibly possible.

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Congratulations on selling all the tickets! But... For those of us who didn't get a ticket that kind of sucks 😅 Is there a wait list or something in case of cancellations?


We are trying to increase capacity. We‘ll also try to set up a waiting list. for the latest news.

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Amazing, thanks!


At least we'll get to watch it in re-runs on YouTube 😉

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