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morning 👋


I've been away from coding for what feels like an eternity but finally can get back into it. If you were fresh to Clojure again what Ide would you use? On windows but could potentially use Ubuntu/whatever


i'm very happy with emacs+doom+CIDER ... i did try out VSC+calva for a while, and there were many nice things about it... but the multiple different ways of doing things (i.e. not everything is a buffer) grated too much and i slunk back to emacs


I was tempted with emacs yeah but wasnt sure what its like on windows? Have u tried it at all?


I know a few people who have great success with running Windows and WSL2. @U04V70XH6 is one I believe. Perhaps he can give you some opines there

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@U08TUA46M sry, no - windows irritates the 💩 out of me... (i know it's probably just not what i'm accustomed to, but it still does it anyway)


Ah not to worry, I think i will just dual boot linux or something and try that way instead.


FWIW, when I tried Spacemacs on Windows it was too slow. The same config on my Linux machine was very snappy. VS Code on the same Windows machine was very fast too.


(I should mention that I have a Windows 10 partition (for a game or two) running WSL2 and i was able to setup my regular "linux" clojure development setup, i.e., neovim) pretty easily. It also worked the same way as my regular linux setup. Was pleasently surprised.


I'm running WSL2 on an old Windows 10 machine and it works quite well. I think using WSLg on Windows 11 would be ideal, as the X server I'm using isn't flawless.


I have my Clojure CLI / code setup on WSL2/Ubuntu, and run VS Code / Calva / Portal on the Windows side (Win11 dev insider). WSLg works pretty well but I mostly just run Edge (canary insider) on Windows and browse localhost which maps to anything running on WSL2, rather than run a browser on Ubuntu (although I do sometimes run google-chrome from Ubuntu 🙂 ). My main dev setup is currently macOS (10.12) but the HD (SSD) is failing and my new dev machine should arrive soon -- Windows 11 -- and then I'll be all Win11/WSL2/Ubuntu for all dev. This will be my first Windows desktop ever, having bought and used Macs exclusively for 30 years. I switched my laptops from Mac maybe 12 years ago, initially to Linux/Ubuntu (a System 76 Starling netbook) and then to Windows 10 years ago (Dell XPS12 convertible, then a Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, which I love). When I bought the netbook, that was when I switched from Eclipse/CCW to Emacs I think -- needed something lighter -- but later switched to Atom and then to VS Code. I think the "remote" dev setup in VS Code is terrific, and it's nice to have all the Clojure stuff running on Linux, with the affordances of Windows for everything else.


I'm going to go out on a limb and praise Intellij with cursive, yes it costs real money, but I never feel bad paying it because Colin is super nice and approachable and really quite good at looking at issues. I've directed all kinds of quicks his way and he's genuinely given a good stab at stuff and I've so far not felt at all unhappy for paying. Also I want to support someone making a living doing clojure dev 😉... I use the same setup on macs + windows and it's sufficiently seamless that it doesn't make my brain skip a beat when I swap. Which is all I was looking for. If you want to get file watchers working correctly, you need to have your projects working in WSL2, but that's broadly workable. There's some issues with being able to launch it from the ubuntu side in WSL2, but I believe their working on a sort of native GUI ubuntu applications working side by side windows ones, at which point I'll probably noodle with my setup again. But yea, there's some bad, bits, but broadly I'm happy 😃


@U0JUM502E I hear a lot of good things about Cursive but I just can't get along with IntelliJ. I've tried several different versions of it over the years, but I just don't like the UX. JetBrains even have me several licenses for free - looking for me to write good reviews. I always preferred Eclipse... But I know a lot of people dislike it. IDE choice is so subjective.


(I never wrote a review because it seemed unfair to be negative when they were so accommodating)


@U04V70XH6 I've just upgraded my laptop to windows 11 so I'll give WSL2 a go! Thanks for the idea! Gonna try installing it tonight hehe


I just got a new Windows 11 desktop (to replace my last ever Apple computer, after thirty years) and did the whole setup with WSL2 on Monday, to get our complete dev stack up and running, with Docker for Percona (MySQL), Redis, and Elastic Search. LMK if you run into problems as it's fresh in my mind right now!


For the choice of IDE, I normally use IntelliJ/Cursive. I have a VSCode/Calva setup too, with tweaked key bindings and theme preferences to resemble IntelliJ Darcula + Cursive keys fairly closely.


@U0524B4UW you're on doom these days? So am I as I couldn't be bothered to maintain go and rust cfgs etc on multiple machines

Jordan Robinson13:05:13

I use ubuntu, most of my colleagues are on macs

Jordan Robinson13:05:29

I have tried with windows in the past, event with wsl it wasn't a great experience


Yeah that is what i was thinking hehe

Jordan Robinson13:05:43

I prefer ubuntu anyway so it all works out for me 🤷


It's the year of Linux on the desktop

Jordan Robinson13:05:00

just like every year

Jordan Robinson13:05:16

🤞 year of Linux on the laptop soon


haha ok ill check it out then


The only problem I have with running Linux is that sometimes my microphone causes Pulseaudio to get extremely confused, as it has an audio output also. Apart from that it is very needs suiting for work

Jordan Robinson13:05:49

I actually have the same problem, I had to write a script that runs on startup that does pacmd "set-default-sink...

Jordan Robinson13:05:57

would like it if there was a way to just disable it though


It just randomly happens on waking up from suspend for me. No sound until you unplug the mic, then if you plug it in again sometimes it will start working properly, but mostly it will just not do anything soundwise

Jordan Robinson14:05:09

in my case that speaker for some reason has precedence over any other speaker, so on resume/startup I just have that script auto run

Jordan Robinson14:05:16

so yeah, year of the linux desktop


I've switched to Pipewire 🙂

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