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Anyone have a good solution for opening javadoc in your browser when on a symbol in vim?


@nate vim-iced can do that for the standard Java libraries.


Thank you. I'll have to check it out. Wondering if conjure or clojure-lsp can do it too.

Noah Bogart16:05:37

Mostly the same as a couple days ago, but I've improved the docs for the :CocCommands window .

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That SignatureHelp feature feels much smoother with this default slightly increased, even to just 2:

Noah Bogart17:05:56

Ah yeah, I do have that set in my config. I don’t think I can set that or change it in my extension, but I can suggest it as a change in the README.


Nice. Thanks for these updates!

Noah Bogart19:05:07

You’re welcome! So glad someone else is using this lol


It is useful for sure. It's going to be interesting to see what the collective effort around LSP leads to.


I find some of the refactorings don't work. Like lsp-clojure-introduce-let, lsp-clojure-suppress-diagnostic, and lsp-clojure-add-require-suggestion dont' seem to do anything. Others, like sort-map and clean-ns, do work. Are you seeing the same, @UEENNMX0T?