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Aaron Burdick04:05:05

Hi Everyone! My name is Aaron. I am an American, but I'm based in Tokyo, Japan. I was introduced here by the local Clojure group here. I've not been able to use Clojure in a professional setting, but learning about it to solve problems has changed the way I view the usage of languages I do deal with on a daily basis. Looking forward to learning more!

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clj 1

Hi Aaron,I am a Chinese. Likely, I will go to Tokyo for a new job. I am an experienced Clojure developer for about 8 years . I’d love to talk with you after I go to Japan. : )

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Aaron Burdick06:05:17

@U0HER597T Wow, nice to meet you! Yes, I'd love the chance to talk with an experienced dev. This meetup is how I got into the Clojure Community: There are some wonderful folks there including @U4GBG4PUY who may be able to introduce you to other things happening in Tokyo!


Nice community, I’d love to join, thanks.

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hey @U03H9QBDDNG, nice to meet you! I’m planning on moving to Japan mid next year. This is me: and I’m one of the organizers of in/clojure: and one of the founders of this consultancy: I’ve been writing clj for over 6-7 years now (on and off).

Aaron Burdick01:06:31

@U055GPYR1 Hey there back! Nice to meet you! IN/Clojure looks ways cool! 🥳 We should have something like this in Tokyo! Wow, moving here? That's big news! Well reach out to me when that happens! I'll be glad to meet up with you and we can talk about the excellent helmet in your github avatar!

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