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@ivar.refsdal I was about to add gen-fn to the rewrite-clj canary test suite, but I see that its git repo is not version tagged. If you add a version tag (ex. 0.1.33 or v0.1.33) I can find the source related to a release and run your tests using rewrite-clj master.

Ivar Refsdal17:05:14

Hi @UE21H2HHD Sorry about the delay. The commit 04e7f0f3d1746b93c4bd5d1dd5f2979e4d75885f looks good to me! I've added a tag 0.1.33 now: The tests still pass using the master commit. Thanks and kind regards!


Thanks for following up @ivar.refsdal! I’ll add gen-fn to canary testing and cut a new release of rewrite-clj soon.

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@ivar.refsdal hmm… just tried to run gen-fn tests:

❯ clojure -M:test
Error building classpath. Could not find artifact com.datomic:datomic-pro:jar:1.0.6397 in central ()
Maybe not a good candidate for rewrite-clj canary testing then?

Ivar Refsdal17:06:17

Ah, I didn't think about that. Yes, maybe not the best candidate then unfortunately.

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Ivar Refsdal17:06:17

If you (and everybody else that wants to run the canary tests) is a registered Datomic user (free, IIRC), then you may configure your ~/.m2/settings.xml to handle this:

      <username>[email protected]</username>

Ivar Refsdal17:06:58

But yes this setup is a hassle IMHO, so probably best to leave it out as a requirement for running a test suite...


Good to know! I probably won’t set that up for rewrite-clj canary testing tho….

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