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Benjamin C03:05:44

Hmm, is form/delete! supposed to delete all references to the entity it deletes? It seems to do so on the cljs side, but on the server, only the entity is getting deleted. Pretty sure I'm doing something a little wonky.

Benjamin C04:05:52

Okay, after some digging, it looks like I'll need to handle this in the delete middleware. with the XTDB adapter, at least. It doesn't appear to try to delete references.


I think datomic has something like db/isComponent which enables something similar IIRC, but am not sure of the equivalent in xtdb land.


Delete middleware. It's your responsibility or the databases. Datomic does clean up dangling refs no matter what


I've got two queries:

  ({::foo/things ~(comp/get-query ChildComp)}
   {:param :x})]

  ({::foo/things [:thing/x
   {:param :x})]
The second is just a literal representation of the first. I've compared both outputs and they are identical. But the first one doesn't work 😕 can someone explain why?

Mateusz Mazurczak20:05:03

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