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borkdude10:05:04, a Clojure linter that sparks joy! clj-kondo new :warn-on-reflection linter. See • new linter :redundant-call - warns when a function or macro call with 1 given argument returns the argument. See • All new JVM clj-kondo.hooks-api API ns for REPL usage. See • config options to limit analysis of var-usages and bodies of var-definitions. Can be used to get a quick overview of a project's namespaces and vars, without analyzing their details. • Add support for custom function to be called for progress update, :file-analyzed-fn. • update docs and messaging around importing configs ( • allow discouraged var on non-analyzed (closed source) vars • update built-in cache with newest CLJ (1.11.1) and CLJS (1.11.54) versions • fix re-frame analysis bug • add pre-commit utility support via .pre-commit-hooks.yaml preserve locations in seqs and symbols in :macroexpand hook • Support .clj_kondo hook extension • parse error on auto-resolved keyword for current ns • support clojure.test/deftest- support with-precision Channel: #clj-kondo

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Released a small update that fixed a regression: 2022.05.28


Just published Clover version 0.3.0 - a socket REPL package for VSCode (exactly the same as Chlorine, but for VSCode and Codium). This new version adds support for Joyride by defining an API that's callable from Joyride (check the README: for more information) with interesting commands to also get blocks, top-blocks, current var and namespace, even without a REPL connected. It also exposes the user-defined custom commands over a quite experimental API for now! Discussions on #chlorine-clover.

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