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@daiyi If you did not already get in touch with people it would definitely worth it joining clojure-berlin. If possible to attend you might also want to check the meetup


@daiyi Good to hear you're coming back to Berlin. You have my contact address. Feel free to send an email. I can't promise anything right now, but would see what we can do.


Hm, looked at the coaching requirements. I definitely cannot make 1-2h/day. 😞


@ska it is quite a commitment :'| I'm hoping we can find a number of coaches to ease the burden on each individual


@daiyi I'd be willing to help out. Just can't commit to the whole thing, I am afraid. Sorry.


@daiyi very cool! Do you have something specific planned for re-frame? I think I could be a coach but it depends on what the 1-2hrs/d look like in practice. Quite a commitment to make for 3 months admittedly ;D