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On the subject of cljs and AWS Lambda I remember enjoying this talk by Ben Vandgrift and Adam Hunter from Conj 2015;;list=PLZdCLR02grLrl5ie970A24kvti21hGiOf


Anyone got any suggestions for a good/quick tutorial for Boot?


adam bard’s tutorial is good I’ll grab a hold of it


a quick tutorial would be - 1. install boot using this command sudo bash -c "cd /usr/local/bin && curl -fsSLo boot && chmod 755 boot”


2. create a build.boot file in a new directory containing the following

  :source-paths #{"src"}
  :dependencies '[[org.clojure/clojure “1.8.0”]])


you’ll need to create a sub folder src or boot will complain, otherwise you can use boot repl and you’re basically good to go


add in deps as you like and create new tasks to run from the command line e.g boot build with the deftask macro


a typical example of that would be

(deftask build
  "Build uberjar"
  (comp (aot) (pom) (uber)
        (jar :file "watermarker.jar")
        (sift :include #{#"watermarker.jar"})
        (target "target")))


Don't know why, but that hand reminds me of the batman robin meme


cannot unsee


@mikepjb Thanks, I've also been looking at learning boot


you’re welcome @geek-draven!


@agile_geek I know the feeling, always a feeling of catching up to where everyone else seems to be


@jonpither I'm OK with it as I came to my realisation on my own but having done so I found other people have talked about it before.


I find realisations I come to myself 'stick' better but it's frustrating that it's taken years


agile_geek what is your big epiphany?


I'm going to blog about it but it's about components and messages and there similarity to fn's and immutable data along with concepts about pushing change to the edges of systems in the way we push state to the edges of an app or service in FP


There's a lot more nuance to it than that...hence it's going to take a while to write a series of blogs about it and I've asked Kris Jenkins to review them for me.


@agile_geek you have still got a few years left in you yet, so plenty of time to learn more ;)


always try to be the worst person in a team


@jonpither something I have no problem with but I think it's more accurate to say...always surround yourself with smarter people.


I'd be interested in a discussion on pride and whether that's a bad thing. I know the XP pairing / code ownership mantra is that devs should ultimately be prideless except for a manifestation of group pride, but my gut feeling is that devs work best when they have a sense of individual ownership and pride in what they are building - even with the pitfalls that pride brings...


when I am involving in onboarding new devs, I'm keen for them to get a first personal win somewhere, and the resulting pride/ownership that comes from that


@jonpither I'd agree and I take pride in my ability to get stuff done rather than doing the smartest or fastest thing...mainly cos I'm not the best at anything but OK at a few things.


Yup. I think pride removes objectivity which can be a dangerous thing, but a price worth paying for fully invested devs ...maybe. There's a balance ofc, and why maturity is so key


I also worry that pride in lisp communities (including Clojure) leads to ppl rolling their own solns at the cost to the business when using an imperfect but functional existing library would do.


Some of this is summed up in the mantra "We don't get paid to write code, we get paid to deliver value"


it's the smart ppl vs get shit done debate again


I'm a big believer in team pride and team ownership, but feel that individuals can feel pride in being part of a high performing team (I know I have in the past and I know I do now 🙂 )


and I feel pride that I'm doing my part to not let the rest of the team down. A nice feeling of esprit de corps


@jonpither not much of a debate with me...I'm not smart...and generally can't understand stuff written by people who are. So no contest


I think that in most cases we are smart enough 😄


I’m usually most proud when we find a way to not have to write some code


has anyone here got any experience of turning uberjar’d services into debian packages with leiningen?


I'll be coming to England this weekend... for the last time for quite sometime I suspect as on Monday we'll be packing all our belongings in a lorry and on Tuesday we'll be on a ferry. #hardBrexit.


@thomas where are you headed? 🙂


Good luck with the move. I know it's stressful enough moving across town, Moving across a channel must be a lot more taxing on the mind.


thomas :hugging_face:


@martinklepsch we'll be moving to Gouda . Back to the Netherlands...


@thomas ah, cool! best of luck with the move 🙂


his recent blog posts have really put me off listening to him


What really frustrated me about a couple of his talks tho is that I did some talks that included 'history of computing' stuff in them...then watched his talks and saw he did same...put me right off doing that talk again!


haha. My thought is that he's an influential chap in the industry that is promoting Clojure to wider primarily Java community so he's not all bad. Our tech architect keeps banging on about how great Rich Hickey's ideas are, partially because of Uncle Bob, even though he's also said that any dynamic languages are strictly out of bounds on production projects.


heh, that’d be the opposite to Uncle bob’s latest teachings


on an entirely different track: when did LinkedIn become a place people shared/produced/consumed content?


@glenjamin sorry, ambiguous post. I know about Uncle Bob's dynamic leanings.


yeah, i got what you meant, i just found the conflicting positions of your TA amusing


And quite a while. I don't regret deleting my LinkedIn account a year ago or so.


although my understanding of Rich’s disdain for static types is that it’s mostly in the context of “middleware”-type applications which gain little-to-nothing from modelling all the types


Interesting to hear different opinions on "uncle bob"