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Hi Everyone! I'm working with the founder to hire 5 Clojure Software Engineers. There is a FINTECH startup located in Palo Alto, CA looking to hire engineers who will work in Palo Alto. Not a virtual gig, but they WILL RELOCATE. Message me if you are interested in this full-time job. I can intro. They're working with massive amounts of data and iterating using Clojure, Docker, React, JVM, LISP. Anyone hear about KUBERNETES? They're using it! People who come from top CS Programs, who worked at a top place for a 2-3 years, like the Google's, Facebooks, Pivotals, etc COMP: 120k - 150k + equity DETAILS: -2-6 years of experience -Clojure, Docker, React, JVM, LISP, Kubernetes -Building an ETL pipeline, analyzing risk, and profitability. Insights -and analytical solutions are next on the docket! -Team is around 20 people now and going strong, coming from -places like Dropbox, Google, Harvard, and Stanford. -15M Investment. It's a start-up but its fully backed by big entities. -Located in Palo Alto, CA -Surrounded by a thriving ecosystem of innovation.


Message me here or email me referencing this note at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>


Hi all, we are hiring Clojure devs at DIVE Networks We're open to contract and full-time work, local and remote. Our immediate need is largely on the front end, where we have a CLJS + React stack fed by Python/Django APIs. We also have a fairly extensive Clojure back end for data ingest. This particular role requires people who have done big things before and have a good proficiency in ClojureScript and/or Clojure. Message me here or email me <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>. Thanks!


Freelancers welcome for the DIVE Networks role I posted above, btw. We've found contract work is a really great way for folks to get their feet wet and figure out whether we have mutual fit.


@osh any timezones/geographical restrictions on remote candidates?


No restrictions, @arnaud_bos . Our center of gravity is Toronto but we recognize talent is everywhere. 🙂


Hi folks! We have been Clojuring-it-up for a long time at Yummly and are looking for people who like writing code about food!