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Has there been any solution to the awful namespaced maps printing in the Cursive REPL with clojure 1.9.0? It hurts my eyes to stare at a long list of namespaced maps 😩


@cfleming yes, It doesn't come out. It seems like the print only appear when I execute code in REPL or send code to REPL.


@kenny Yes, it’s fixed and will be in the next build.


@cfleming Oh that's awesome. Thank you!


Hi everyone, I’ve uploaded a dev build with some fixes to the stub generation, and more useful logging when things go wrong. If you’ve been having problems with it, please give it a try and let me know if it helps.


Go to, and where you see the list of published versions, click on “dev”. Download a copy of 1.5.0-snapshot2 for the version of IntelliJ you’re using, and install it using Settings-&gt;Plugins-&gt;Install from Disk….


If you’re still having problems, go to Help-&gt;Debug Log Settings… and enter cursive.stubs into the box. Then reproduce the problem, and send me the log from Help-&gt;Show log in Finder/Explorer.


Note that this will send me the classpath from your current project, which will probably include things like the project name in paths etc, and any super-secret deps you might have attached. If that’s a problem, let me know.


@kenny That build also has the formatting fix if you want to try it.


@cfleming Okay, I'll give it a try. Will I still get notified of updates automatically if I do the manual install?


@kenny Yes, you will.

Joe R. Smith14:02:51

Is it possible to set indentation rules for unrecognized symbols?

Joe R. Smith14:02:52

the intellij “lightbulb” helper thing will only show “create function” as as long as the symbol in the function position is unresolvable


@solussd I don't think so, because it has to index the symbol globally, otherwise it would have to have specific rules for each namespace. if your issue is because the symbol is coming from a macro or something, you can use (declare your-symbol) so cursive will have some place to point it at

Joe R. Smith20:02:16

@wilkerlucio my issue was boot symbols from the implicitly required boot.core namespace. My “fix” was to explicitly require the symbols and add a symlink to my build.boot file in my src directory.


I'm doing research into Cursive for our company. I've managed to do integrated debugging (e.g., Step Into, Step Over) in Clojure code. Can one do the same kind of debugging in ClojureScript/Figwheel? Thanks!


@hairfire Not yet, unfortunately. I am planning to add that (in a “sometime this year” sort of timeframe) but it’s not there yet.


There are external tools like dirac and cljs-devtools, which are tricky to set up but very powerful. Depending on your use case they might work well for you.


Ok, thanks! BTW, Cursive is really good!


Thanks! I’m glad you like it!