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Hey, is anyone using a probabilistic programming language with Clojure? I would like to explore that space a bit. seems a good first pick even though I probably would have issues on customer projects due to GPL. Any insights on how it compares to Stan? Other systems you would suggest to investigate?


@nblumoe: Not answering your question but I’m pretty sure that the GPL/GPLv3 aren’t compatible with clojure’s EPL at all… Which for me puts that whole project in a legal quagmire. Might be worth looking at the issue and asking them to relicense under EPL, as as far as I know he won’t have any choice (other than to reimplement not using clojure). Don’t know all the details but IIRC both the FSF and Eclipse foundations say you can’t do it.


anyway just pointing out that regardless of ideology that project seems to be on shaky legal ground… so relicensing might be their only option… and that might suit you.


ha yeah, I remember the license clash issues. I thought though there was some way to have an exception term in the GPL licensed product to circumvent the issue


but good point, I will approach them


nblumoe: You can add a classpath exception clause, though I’m not sure that’d be enough in this case… can’t recall the details though