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I don't mean to ask the dumbest question in the universe, but what is Om Next relative to Om?


I feel like I'm unable to understand a simple answer from what I've googled


@kamuela Both Om and OmNext use react to try an build a framework in clojurescript to shuttle data in a clean way between a central "app-state" and many components. Om, which dnolen developed first, did this with a clever "black box" type mechanism that worked great, but was hard to reason about, and which didn't work well for many edge cases. OmNext uses a much cleaner mechanism that involves every component explicitly stating a query that describes its data needs and can handle many more difficult data cases (but arguably has a steeper learning curve) Also, OmNext offers a solution for client<->server communication.


Both programs are packages in the same Om repository. At this point I would estimate though that 90% of developers are using OmNext, not Om.


(because of this, it's also advisable to ask questions in the #om channel, not #om-next channel, which probably should be deprecated)