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I've been dancing around the Picker component for ages now, and it hasn't worked for me. In some ways, it's a good thing, since each question has dragged me into another learning deep dive. But, it's long enough, and I'm feeling ridiculous that I can't make the thing work. I have:

[Picker {:selectedValue :three}
           [PickerItem {:label "two" :value :two}]
           [PickerItem {:label "one" :value :one}]
           [PickerItem {:label "three" :value :three}]]
I see "three" and a down-triangle, but I can't figure out how to get the control to work so I can select :one or :two. Do I need to set some other option to enable the behavior?


I've not used it but maybe you need to set onValueChange?


I had tried that and didn't help. But, I just restarted and now it is working. I'm puzzled. (The only bit that is still not working is the :prompt property.)


Never mind. Prompt is working too; I had just misunderstood what it was supposed to do.


Figwheel compiler warnings normally disappear automatically when I fix and save my source file. But, in cljsrn dev (at least in the Genymotion emulator) they don't go away until I select them and dismiss explicitly. Is there any way to fine-tune this for a smoother experience?