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What is the best way to change which data are logged to stdout with duct and timbre? I’ve just deployed an duct-app to heroku and we send our logs to Papertrail. This results in a lot of info on each row in the log Feb 06 15:13:00 cloudamqp-alarms-clj app/worker.1: 18-02-06 14:13:00 2a9ce60b-a31a-48f2-8cbe-682ab726dbab INFO [?:?] - :alarms.handler.analyze/change-alarms {:cluster_name "................", :type "cpu", :id 186, :current-state :resolve} This: Feb 06 15:13:00 cloudamqp-alarms-clj app/worker Comes from Heroku and I can’t remove that. So what I want to do is sending only log level, event (the namespaced keyword) and the data. So just like duct.logger.timbre/brief except that appender doesn’t handle exceptions which I need. What is the best way to do that?