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we still have many users on IRC who refuse to come on slack, and visa versa - it's really parallel partially overlapping communities right now


For me its about convencience. I have been using IRC heavily starting around 2000 for ~15 years. But now with SO and a lot of communities moving to Slack its just more convenient to open a webpage. and get help. Especially as most people are here. Its similar with Whatsapp vs ICQ. Its just easier to have it with me and almost everybody is there. I even had my own jabber server running for quite some time, but yea, only a few of my friends used it. I would not even have signal installed if it was not for my sister who is very much into the privacy thing.


Oh, the good old times of writing to some random "girl" on ICQ 😄


@sveri (and others) remember the Code of Conduct when you get to reminiscing about "good old times"...


@seancorfield Uhm, I was afraid you would say that. But, seriously is it forbidden to talk about things that happened in the past? A lot of people did that back then and I am not the one to judge these. I just liked the feature and I got to know a lot of people back then.


> is it forbidden to talk about things that happened in the past First off, this channel is about community development for Clojurians so it's off topic and second the "good old times" you were raising is only a short step away from stuff that is inappropriate for any channel here. I was just cautioning that folks did not continue down that slippery slope...