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I have a database which has many reads and very few writes. Can I expect my proof of concept project build on top of datomic:mem:// to have similar performance than a production instance built sitting on top of postgres?


no, it is in-memory so it has different performance characteristics


Hi all, I am trying to understand the current state of non-jvm language interop with datomic. In the datomic documentation it is stated that the REST API is deprecated and is advised to use the client API instead. As far as I can see, there is no spec on how to implement a Client API in another language, nor are their any existing implementations (other than the clojure one). Am I correct in assuming that the client API is an ongoing development and the correct way of doing non-jvm interop is to still use the REST API?


Is it possible or even advisable to use something like juxt/tick with datomic, or should I just stick with clojure.instant?


Can you elaborate a bit on how you would use juxt/tick and how that relates to Datomic? Datomic’s :db.type/instant maps to instances of java.util.Date. Tick is using java.time.Instantwhich needs to be coerced into java.util.Date. If you are interested in using tick.interval/Interval, you would have three options: 1) reference to an entity constructed from the interval, or 2) serialize it as string, or 3) serialize it as bytes (`:db.type/bytes`).


Is there a GDPR solution for datomic cloud? Something along the lines of excision


Possible related message at 3:07pm yesterday


Yeah i've read that message, but we are currently on on-premise datomic and are considering cloud but this would be a blocker


@stuarthalloway - it may be beneficial for Datomic Cloud if you talk on your intentions to support excision or similar; the new EU regulations, known as GDPR, are due to be fully complied by in mid May this year, with harsh punishment for non-compliance. it may prevent DCloud adoption for some folks who would otherwise jump in with both feet and eyes closed, if they can’t check this box for their exco 🙂