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Drew Verlee02:02:12

Is there any information about the experience level, education background of people employed in clojure?


It's not something that the State of the Union survey asks (and I don't think it should, to be honest) so I think your best bet might be to search LinkedIn? As painful as that would probably be @drewverlee


My experience suggests that Clojurians are an extremely diverse crowd, from a very broad range of backgrounds.


People come to Clojure from all sorts of other languages. I know Clojurians who had zero programming background before doing Clojure as a job and others who had decades in all sorts of technology and industry sectors.

Sam H10:02:25

I’ve had a similar experience at my current work place. I didn’t have any professional clojure experience but had been playing around with 4clojure / Clojure for the brave and true / other resources on and off for a few years. Some of my colleagues also learned clojure on the job and few have had a couple of years of experience in Clojure before joining. Recruiting wise, Clojure is a bonus but we mainly care about having engineers who know how to solve problems and can articulate their thought process during the pairing interview.