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Vincent Cantin04:11:09

We may want to provide the user some link to the library page or its clojars page when we ask him/her if s/he wants to build its documentation. For instance on, it is difficult to know if I should press that build button if I am not sure what the library does or is.

Vincent Cantin18:11:55

The open search feature starts to work on my branch. However, the search function from Clojar is really not good, so it makes it less usable than it should be.

Vincent Cantin18:11:51

I am thinking about ways to run a search function directly in cljdoc: - There is this file which is available. - There is those download stats which can help prioritize the search results which only partially match. - That page also mention a lucene index, maybe worth taking a look at what can be done with it.


Would be interesting to evaluate SQLites search features. The search stuff we’re looking for is probably basic-ish so maybe that would even be sufficient. Using that would also make it easier to integrate artifacts from maven central


Download stats are interesting as well but it might be tricky to integrate efficiently. There’s also


But in any case, improving artifact search would be super nice


Maybe we should also give Lucene a closer look. Does sound like a good tool