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James Vickers20:11:53

Is this channel alive?

Bobbi Towers20:11:36

yeah, just no recent activity. I do see people getting help here regularly tho

James Vickers20:11:59

Cool. My question is really more about Javelin but I guess I'll ask it here. Why is setting the value of a Javelin 'formula cell' disallowed? I have some cells that are convenient to define as formula's but that I also want to be able to set via a UI and have downstream formula cells get updated.

James Vickers21:11:13

My example: 3 cells: price, down payment amount, and down payment percentage. I want price to be an input cell. Down payment amount and down payment percentage have a bidirectional relationship with each other and they can each be changed in the UI. Is there a way to do that in Javelin where those cells are like formula cells but can also just be set directly and have the other cells update accordingly?