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There is a workaround for some Java 11 problems. Not sure I can recommend it, but anyway:


@marc-omorain that comments formatting you reported on is really annoying and horrible. I am trying to figure out what is going on, but so far I am failing.

Marc O'Morain14:11:06

It could be caused by a mix of extensions I guess


I don't think so. It is probably Calva Formatter alone, causing it. I think i have managed to free cljfmt from being a suspect as well, even. Might be able to fix the problem today.


Or, rather, it seems to be that cljfmt does not touch indent lines starting with a comment at all that is the problem. Hmmm, my hopes of having this fixed today just faded away…


I think I nailed it in this version, @marc-omorain, care to help me put it through some tests?


Now anybody can test it using latest version from the marketplace. I threw all the tests I could think up at it. Seems to be doing everything it did before, except running away with commented lines.