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What's the current state of Clojure + VIM dev workflows? I've been using Fireplace for a while now and it works pretty well, but it runs all commands synchronously - kind of lame to wait a minute when trying to bench something, or having to go paste that code in another REPL window. I've tried to install both ACID and clojure-socketrepl.nvim (am on Neovim), but couldn't seem to get either to work.


Hm, the above neoterm setup seems to work pretty well - sets up the REPL for you automagically if it's not already opened. And pretty fast + async 😄


Set it up to use the tools.dep REPL w/ rebel-readline by using this:

augroup Clj
 au FileType clojure call neoterm#repl#set('rebel')
augroup END
where rebel is a bash alias:
alias rebel='clojure -A:rebel'


(setup for that is explained in the rebel-readline readme)