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Sam Ritchie12:07:13

Hi @danielcompton ! I submitted an application a few weeks ago before the funding cycle opened. Is it worth resubmitting now that the cycle is open?


Hi Sam, no need to re-submit. We'll include all applications that have been submitted after the deadline for the last funding round closed. So you are good 👍

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I have a project I've been working on in private that I've been planning on open sourcing once I get it to a certain point. I'm interested in applying for cljtogether to help with development of it. Would I need to release it publicly first?


it's not exactly a secret, I just think projects occupy a certain amount of space in the ecosystem that I don't want to take up until I have something that's actually worth using.


Hi Will, no need to make it public before applying. That's why we've added the different funding tiers, which are for more experimental or new projects 😉

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