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Jeffrey Bay18:07:14

has anyone ever seen the cursive nrepl cause the target JVM to shut down when you close the repl tab? It doesn't happen consistently, but it has happened several times today as I was trying to reproduce it.


Is this a JVM that Cursive started, or one that you started and connected with a remote REPL?

Jeffrey Bay23:07:30

remote nrepl connection using "connect to server" with a local port forward

Jeffrey Bay23:07:53

(local port forward meaning the connect to server connection is localhost and hard coded port)


In that case, I can’t think of anything that could cause Cursive to shut down the remote JVM - it doesn’t know anything at all about the process.

Jeffrey Bay23:07:54

the port forward is to another machine, and the repl works correctly, but intermittently (1/10?) when i close the repl tab, the jvm on the other end shuts down


There must be something else going on, but I can’t imagine what it might be.

Björn Ebbinghaus15:07:10

@U03A0EGF82E I had a similar problem with a Babashka nREPL, I don't know if this may be related to your problem. After I have produced a stack overflow, when I disconnected from the nREPL, that nREPL process crashed with a segfault.

Jeffrey Bay15:07:12

ah - mine was to a non-bb nrepl session

Jeffrey Bay15:07:46

but interesting thing to try, anyway