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Ken Allen17:07:20

Is it expected that changing project tests will require all components to be tested for the changed projects, regardless if the components are changed or not?


Yes, if anything in the project is changed, all bricks in that project will be tested.

Ken Allen21:07:50

that seems like overkill. I just changed the code of a test that lived in the project. I can’t imagine how that would merit retesting all the stuff it depends on


You can create an issue if you like. I remember that I have thought of this use case, but decided to keep it as it is today to reduce the complexity of the calculations. But if this is something that people do frequently, it could be worth the extra complexity.

Ken Allen15:07:36

Yeah my case may be a bit pathological because our code base is still mid-migration and we have thousands of tests that get run if all the bricks get tested. and many of those tests are a bit slower than they ought to be so it takes forever. I’ll put in an issue.

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Ken Allen17:07:36

I know that changing the deps.edn will cause that