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Freelance opportunity: Looking for Clojure entry level assistance around 5 hours a week to make adaptions on Clojure-based web crawlers. Please let me know here if interested, thanks!

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Esen C17:07:30

Hi, zilti, I'm keen! 🙂

Matej Šarlija15:07:23

Hi blob-wave, GMT+2 here, Clojure/script newb, happy to help if there is a chance.

Georgiy Grigoryan07:07:32

Hey, sent you a DM.

Omar Bassam13:08:09

Hi, I'm a Full-stack developer using Node.js (JS and TS) and various Front-end frameworks (React, Vue, Svelte) and a certified in Data Analysis and visualization using Python. I am very interested to work with Clojure(Script). I have little experience building some simple projects and I really enjoy the Language. I'm available for remote jobs.