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Does anyone have a nice client for working with your own github gists? Quite annoying that you can’t search or quickly browse through them on Github. Open to cli clients or emacs modes but haven’t seen anything too promising


Interesting. Still a little remedial. Was hoping someone had made a little TUI viewer that could list, quickly show the contents, etc.

Bob B22:07:09

I found <>, but it looks like it might be unmaintained now

Ian Fernandez22:07:14

It is okay to hate defmulti and defmethod and think that they are a very high cognitive load on reading?


Although there is some frustrating tech out there (YAML 👀 ), I'm not sure hating on specific techs is ever a good thing. Maybe there's a tool approach, or mindset that can help.

Kelsey Sorrels22:07:08

I can understand disliking code that over-uses them or mis-uses them, but I don't think I feel the same about those constructs in themselves, sorry

Ian Fernandez22:07:12

@U7RJTCH6J is not about hating that I'll not need to use it or would dislike to use it, but the indirection gives me high cognitve load

Drew Verlee01:07:39

multimethods solve the expression problem, if the logic you need to write doesn't have the problem it might seem like overkill but not any more then protocols.

Drew Verlee01:07:20

it's polymorphic dispatch. Which is a fancy way of of saying you have a function (literately the defmulti) that dispatches to another function (the defmethod).

Dimitar Uzunov07:07:23

yeah I share this sentiment about multimethods feeling more complicated

Dimitar Uzunov07:07:37

It is probably good they are in core though as they are popular and codebases would probably include a lot of libraries with slightly different implementations of polymorphic dispatch


compared to inheritance i love multimethods

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> compared to inheritance i love multimethods Why not both? With derive, you can have it 😄

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good point, i do hate derive 😄 😄

Ian Fernandez22:07:42 I would think that always is better to use something like map-dispatch-env like in this case

Noah Bogart23:07:33

Counterpoint: i think that map-dispatch-env function is very bad and I would reject a PR containing it. The multimethod is clear and obvious, the mechanics of multimethods are well known and well documented, and the new function doesn't do anything new or compelling.

Ian Fernandez22:07:47

Seems like multimethods were a primitive try out to make a Type based dispatch in clojure and then they invented out protocols/records/reify for interop


multimethods are much more open and flexible then protocols or fixed map

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Ben Sless07:07:39

How would you compare specifically multimethods that dispatch on keywords with protocols that extend via metadata?