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Kevin Mungai17:09:16

Hi, how can I specify the alias or aliases in a project using tools.deps when jacking in? One way I have found is using .dir-locals.el but I can only create one at a time. Thanks in advance for your answers.


use a prefix arg when jacking in. for me jack in is C-c M-j so do C-u C-c M-j


that will let you edit the string to your heart's content

Kevin Mungai17:09:14

Thanks, works like a charm!


@mungaikamau7 a .dir-locals.el can include multiple aliases with cider-jack-in. I use this file to include lots of different aliases I have in my Clojure deps.edn


Not entirely sure if this is a cider q or lein q, when I start my REPL, my src/ namespaces are loaded in but not my test/ namespaces. This can be confirmed with (ns-publics ' => No namespace: found. What do I need to configure to get this going?


After running M-x cider-test-run-project-tests I can then run M-x cider-test-run-ns-tests on and have tests run.


@deadghost Its a CIDER question (it works the same with Leiningen and Clojure CLI tools). Using the project command will load all test namespaces, using the ns command only loads the current. To be sure, evaluate the buffer containing the tests before running the tests. I am sure someone can explain it better. I just assume I need to evaluate the tests before running them.