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@seancorfield Okay, I'm publishing parinfer-plus version 0.0.1. Expect lots of bugs and missing features (there's no config yet, only smart and paren mode is supported so far, and I saw some problems with multi-cursors) but on my tests it's working đŸ™‚


Nice. I will switch over immediately and see how it behaves.


I'm trying to discover if a change is a "paste multi-line code" and doing the right thing (changing to paren mode, paste it, then change back to the mode you selected). Probably that's what is causing the errors on multi-cursors to be honest đŸ˜„


I see it does not de-emphasize the closing parens like the old one. It's surprising how big a visual change that is.


No, not yet đŸ™‚. I'm also missing this functionality.


Overall, it hasn't done anything incorrect but it has done a couple of things that surprised me a bit, just because they're different from the old parinfer package. I'll have to pay a bit more attention when it does something I don't expect, to decide whether it's "wrong", "better-but-unexpected", or "correct-but-not-as-good" đŸ™‚


(by "wrong" I mean "technically correct behavior but probably not what most users would expect")


Yes, exactly. I felt the same thing: it seems to work, but sometimes it does something that's strange, but I also can't pinpoint what's wrong exactly. Please, open up issues on each editing process so we can discuss what to do in each case đŸ™‚