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We are open-sourcing Sequence! it’s an early version, but solves a lot of problems I had working for fintechs companies. I published some of the design on this blog post: (also linked in the readme)

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Nice 🙂 @U010WB5T5EW What is the licence of this project?


@U0FT7SRLP thanks for noticing! just added, Apache 2.0

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@U010WB5T5EW Nice, it looks like you're using Stoplight to document the API of the project 🙂


Hey @U015VUATAVC, great meeting you. I love Stoplight and all the OSS projects


@U010WB5T5EW Sweet. Help me convince the company to switch to Clojure troll


I tried to make my last employer switch too, they didn’t, so I left, created my own company and it’s all Clojure now :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

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I wish I'd be brave enough as you were 🙂


I hope you'll enjoy reading my latest blog post on Meyvn, if only for the historical tidbits around Clojure tooling. "When we we say that Clojure is hosted on the JVM, we often forget the corollary, that Clojure tooling is built on Maven. We'd be forgiven for the oversight: the tooling is good at keeping Maven out of sight. But Maven is everywhere: in Clojars as the repository format, in Boot where Pomegranate is used as the interface for the Maven resolver, in `tools.deps` which harnesses the Maven resolver directly... Meyvn takes the ubiquity of Maven to its logical conclusion, delegating all tasks to Maven's execution engine." Oh, and did you ever wonder where Leiningen gets its name from?

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Oh, sorry about that. Thanks!