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TIL: rum/local adds its own watcher and forces update on the component. Leads to unexpected rerendering when you're actually only using the local state as coordination between children components.


This is what I expected rum/local implementation to be..


That wouldn't cause a rerender when the state changes though would it?


no, but if you wanted that, you'd rum/reactive on the component and rum/react the local atom - as you'd any other atom


contrived example: the parent atom here coordinates two children - when you click the button only the local-view should re-render and get a new value. the rand-int on the button and parent shouldn't fire.


at least, my intuition of rum/local says it shouldn't. But I'm wrong, and I don't imagine this can get changed without serious backward breaking problems.


Thinking of how react works, the button needs to re render to capture the new value of the val-atom in it's closure. In react both components would re-render, I think rum/local is supposed to work in a similar manner to useState or this.state in react...


Ah but I guess val-atom is a ref, maybe if you used the rum/static mixin on button it would not re-render every time it's props change as the ref passed as a prop would be equivalent?


Also I think rum/react is used exclusively with clojurescript atoms, not rum/local state, you can just deref local state with @val-atom


This is what I'm suggesting, although I would probably create a function in parent to perform the swap! in the scope of where the local state is defined and just pass that to the button to bind it to the on-click handler of the nested :button, I don't think passing around atoms is a good idea but I'm quite new to rum, that's more of a habit from working with react in JS.


so, rum/local is exactly a clojurescript atom that you mix in, since it needs to generate for local scope on will-mount . I reckon the rule should be consistent: if you want your component to react to any state change, use rum/react - just a deref should always be assumed to be wrong (unless you specifically don't care about the reaction/update, that is)


passing around atoms and cursors, in my experience of rum at least, is completely normal and useful - but that's not really the point here. I'm more saying that the default behaviour of rum/local mixing in an implicit rum/reactive and rum/react for its atom can be unexpected.. - of course, I've worked around it by implementing my own simplified version of rum/local which we'll be using ubiquitously, but I mention it here as something for people to be aware of.


If you look at It seems to indicate that derefing a rum/local state is fine in the docstring, and that rum/react is intended to be used with rum/reactive


yes - I'm saying that the current implementation of rum/local is unexpected. it "works" to just deref, but it's treated as not only a local atom, but also an implicit local rum/reactive - see the duplication: and - imo, the rum/local 's single job should be to provide a local component scoped atom that you can change. Its job should not be to also rerender the component if the atom changes.


Ya I agree with you, it's confusing


It makes sense for the use case of a component changing its own state, or wanting to share some atom with other components that will update the atom to change them


But definitely a bit confusing when you just want state, and not want reactivity


Would have been clearer to make it a normal local. And then if you want reactivity also make the component reactive and use react on the local


ye, that's what I would have expected - I've made my own version of rum/local and changing all our usecases to that, since we rum/react on everything (even local atoms) already.