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is there a way to start a ClojureScript REPL in Calva with just cljs.main options like in Cursive i.e. no nREPL?


@dnolen, currently nREPL is the only way to reach the REPL with Calva. I'm not sure what would be entailed to remove this requirement. But it probably is something we should look into. That, or look into what it would mean to bring nREPL into CLJS...


ok, though I really think tooling should work w/ the plain REPLs - nREPL is all fine and it good but it's also the reason you have to write all this explication about how things work


if Calva worked w/o nREPL then going from Quick Start to Calva requires no transition


currently working w/ a new dev that starting to learn ClojureScript - they start w/ the Quick Start


they like VSCode


but in order to get a REPL they have all this other novel stuff put in their face which has no relation to the Quick Start or standard Clojure docs


Calva is really nice, and if you understand nREPL etc., everything works great


k trying to get the standard Calva Figwheel REPL going - but it won't start because it says I'm not supplying a build


but far as I can tell there's no way to do that?


ok figured it out after Googling a bit


Hi @dnolen! If something's unclear in the docs around this please let us know. I agree it would be nice to add the non-nrepl repl support.


it took me about 30 minutes to get Figwheel working btw


It's great that you give this tooling aspect attention. And you manage to mention all the reasons that makes me part attention as well. 😀


none of this is actually a critique of Calva or Figwheel


Maybe we can add an issue to start/track this effort, though I don't know if it can be given attention any time soon


but I'm just pointing out all the barriers that are currently in place to get a ClojureScript REPL


it's very frustrating


compared to the Quick Start you don't need anything


and you don't need to read docs for 2 other OSS projects


It is supposed to be no time though. So 30 minutes is a failure.

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right I've used all of these things before, I'd like to think I know what I'm doing but again


my experience was read about Calva, remember about nREPL, remember about Figwheel - ok now it works


Please file an issue describing the course of events for you. What you expected and what you didn't expect. It will help us a lot in figuring out how we can lower the barrier for starting with ClojureScript.

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We might not be able to fix the nrepl gap very quickly, but there sure seems to some other things we should do.


and the crib notes from that would be damn welcome. I was trying that path a week or so ago, and failed because I'm not as smart


it's really too many steps and too much information to expect anyone to get through


tools need to work with simple REPLs to remove all this extra stuff

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expressing a strong viewpoint here because I think simpler VSCode integration would of course be a great thing for onboarding beginners given VSCode's popularity

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I concur. Seems like the gravity wants to pull everything towards clj + deps.edn, which is fine, but that setup might also have a template that says now to use that kit to get nrepl fired up since that of use


and again, if you're familiar with nREPL and Figwheel then Calva is already rocking - so it's very close