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Yes cider-test-run-ns-tests works after running cider-load-buffer on I would like all my test namespaces loaded in on REPL startup.


There's no such functionality built-in, but you can have some hook that loads all you namespaces when you connect to the REPL server. Just keep in mind that this might trigger some side-effects, which is the main reason CIDER will never auto-loading anything.


@deadghost To require specific namespaces on REPL startup, add a user.clj file to a project (somewhere on the classpath) and add the require expressions for each namespace. The require expressions can be part of the user ns expression or as their own require expression.


is there any built in macro for this patter:


I know you could use if-let but then you have to give the thing a name...


(or e body)


but these questions should probably go in #clojure or #beginners depending on the question. nothing about CIDER in that question