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Dear Calva friends, can I get some help testing this VSIX? It contains one big new feature, one small new feature, and a bug fix. • New big feature:, by @domagala.lukas. It is mainly a thing for 3rd party tools and libraries to add information to the Calva hovers. As an end user you can also add these and maybe you will. Some docs • Small new feature: So, in addition to providing this config via a file, you can tell Calva to pick it up from clojure-lsp. • Bug fix: elaborating a bit about why this feature is not fully embraced. To test the formatter config from clojure-lsp thing you will need to use clojure-lsp built from master. But you can still help a lot just by confirming that formatting still works like before, because I needed to refactor things significantly to fit the change without piling up a lot of new technical debt. Thanks! 🙏 ❤️ calva

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there is latest master clojure-lsp on #clojure-lsp-builds as well

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