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Hi thank you for asking. We think the goal sounds noble but there is no way we think that everyone here has given consent to have all of their messages mined for content. There are thousands of active members and also thousands of previously active members and we have no way of informing people or anticipating their choice. I think we have to decline giving the corpus of all messages on this server to another entity for any reason. I hope this doesn’t prove fatal to your project. There is hopefully other ways you can get this information. Github stars, searches, clojar download stats, a community survey, are all ways you could possibly achieve this goal without harvesting every message ever sent on this slack server. We hope you understand but we feel compelled to politely decline this request.

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oxalorg (Mitesh)04:02:56

Seems fair enough, and I mostly agree! Thanks for looking into this!

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I'm excited to see what ends up coming together though because it sounds like a great resource

Cora (she/her)16:02:36

all the history is available on zulip already and you can search it and, using an api key for your user, download it all. I had to do that relatively recently for $REASONS and it wasn't all that difficult. It think this cat is out of the bag already


That's true only for channels that have the Zulip mirror bot in place and only for content added to that channel since the bot was added.

Cora (she/her)18:02:45

ahhh good point