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Michael Gardner00:02:00

(def ^:dynamic normal "Not COVID")
(binding [normal "COVID"]
  (println normal "is fine."))
how could this happen


Peculiar how Google Search never seems to be improving. Looking for something with "proton"|"linux" in the query. Put double quotes there in advance because without them I invariably get a ton of results with neither of those. And now I'm getting results with Missing: ~"proton"|"~ ‎| Must include: "proton"|". Of course, if I click on it, it becomes ""proton"|"" linux".


@p-himik I'm curious if Bing produces better results for you for proton or linux?


Not really. I have a very specific query. Bing just ignores those two words entirely and doesn't tell me about it, which leaves me under a false impression that the results are relevant.


DuckDuckGo is even funnier. Without any quotes, the results are like in Bing. With separate quotes around those two words, the results ignore everything that's not in quotes. With quotes in other important part of the query, the results are completely random. :D Took a pic even.


👀 That is certainly pretty random... wild... I switched from Google to Bing years ago because I preferred the way Bing presented the results and I've stuck with it and seen it improve a lot over the years. Occasionally, I'll run a through Google again, just to see, but nothing has persuaded me to switch back 🙂


Feels like years ago Bing was what DDG is now. Maybe I should give Bing another try, given what you said.