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practicalli-johnny00:02:50 provides a wide range of community tools via aliases that can be used across all projects. The latest updates include: • migrating aliases to clojure.exec -X option for supported projects, using -T execution option where the alias should run outside a project classpath • :src/clojure to add local clone of Clojure core sources (Java & Clojure), supporting Jump to definition of Clojure core, particularly the Java sources • src/java17 to add manually downloaded Java JDK sources to the classpath, supporting editor jump to definition for Java interop • :lib/kaocha includes kaocha as a library, enabling scripts such as kaocha-runner.el to run Kaocha test runner from Emacs Cider • update Lambda Island Kaocha with :exec-args to fail-fast by default for :test/run and :test/watch - speeding up test run workflow when there are failing tests • re-organise :inspect/reveal and :repl/rebel-reveal aliases ◦ renamed :inspect/reveal-nrepl-cider to :inspect/reveal-cider simplifying the alias name • add :repl/interactive and :repl/headless to run a simple terminal UI REPL with nREPL server in interactive (with a client) or headless (without client). Or use :repl/nrepl with our without the -i flag for the same results. • Simplified project introduction and • Updated library versions for all aliases (see for more details The next release of this project will start supporting the approach and deprecate aliases such as depstar (which itself is deprecated). Thanks to Nubank/Cognitect and other community members for supporting this and other Practicalli projects.

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