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TJ Campanella19:02:28

Anyone using this with server side rendering?


I've in the past used Node.js to do SSR with reagent


I know it’s a very old message, but, can you share your experience, thoughts and methods on this?


IMO it's a large compromise in many directions 1. The REPL dev experience with ClojureScript is not as good as Clojure 2. The dev tools for Node.js do not work as well with ClojureScript 3. Reagent SSR can have poorer performance because of the amount of immutable data reagent generates on every request 4. You're going to have to pave your own way to adopt many of the latest parts of the React SSR ecosystem If you're an expert in JS, CLJS and you have reasons to do it that outweigh the above 4 things, then it might be a good call. For instance if you already have a reagent SPA that you actually need to be a marketing or ecommerce site, with the kind of economics that pushes you to optimize for time-to-first-paint, then it might make sense as a step in migration to a framework that is more optimized for that use case. If you're starting from scratch today? I wouldn't bet on it. YMMV

TJ Campanella23:02:26

@lilactown how was your experience using that?