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is it possible to stop calva from printing results inline, so it only prints to the .output file?


No, the inline annotations cannot be disabled, as far as I know.


@U0ETXRFEW Is this something that we'd possibly want to change in the future? I think we've seen this question before. I don't know if you have reasons to keep it that way.


Ty, it’s not a major thing for me. It would be slightly more comfortable if I could disable it since i tend to look at the output file anyway.


We can probably keep it as it is. This has been part of Calva since day 1, and I think I've seen inquires about it maybe three times (two of which are recent, granted). That said, if someone provides a well implemented PR adding a setting, I think we should pull it. As long as it is easy to maintain, I think it's ok.

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