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Calva version 2.0.205 is out with these changes: • • Update clojure-lsp to version See the linked PR for more info on the roll back for the debugger. I'd rather it function properly until we can figure out the problem with the recent change.

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Yuner Bekir06:07:46

Hello! I am using the `shift + f12` combination to see the references of a function/symbol. I have noticed that only manually evaluated namespaces will be shown in the suggestions. Is there a way to bypass this so the `shift + f12` will work for the whole project?


@yuner.bekir I think it should work like that. Maybe clojure-lsp is not initializing fully?

Yuner Bekir08:07:54

I am not sure how other clojure projects are made up since I have only seen one. The one I am working at has multiple projects inside. Its like a pomegranate a project of projects. And I usually start the repl in the project that can turn on the system


Bring this question to #lsp. It is what Calva is using.