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So with this whole Lua in Neovim development, you can actually use Fennel (a clojure-y inspired lisp running on Lua) to write your config. I personally haven't explored it yet but I think it's pretty darn neat so wanted to highlight it for those who haven't seen it yet.


This one is super clean and when I finally get around to it I'm hoping to follow along (copy) this:


If it helps somebody there is also mine Although I have not refactored it to be readable by others 🙂 . I enjoy writing fennel with conjure much more than vim script

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Also, the Conjure discord has a pretty active Fennel channel


I think it's all run through @olical’s Aniseed library which lets you write not only your config, but also neovim plugins using Fennel:

Noah Bogart22:07:23

I’ve begun work on a coc.nvim plug-in for clojure-lsp

Noah Bogart23:07:09

Which commands would folks want exposed as CocCommands?


Great project! I have a lot of boiler plate setting up all the commands i found useful, though some are used more than others: cycle-coll change-coll (one for each collection type) thread-first thread-last thread-first-all thread-last-all unwind-thread unwind-all move-to-let introduce-let expand-let add-missing-libspec clean-ns cycle-privacy inline-symbol extract-function

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Noah Bogart11:07:50

Great idea, I’ll expose those