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Yang Xu02:07:09

Hi, Anyone face Error encountered performing task ‘run’ with profile(s): ‘base,system,user,provided,dev,run’ problem?

Yang Xu02:07:08

My os version is 11.3.1 Big Sur, In the other mac Catalia is ok


The “Suppressed Exit” thing generally means that a lein plugin has exited prematurely. Which lein plugins are you using?

Yang Xu09:07:21

Sorry for I forget provider version info of lein. lein version : 2.9.6 cursive version: 1.10.2-2021.1


@U01JZJQ774L I meant which lein plugins are you using, i.e. in your :plugins field in project.clj.

Yang Xu02:07:09

I can start it via lein run successfully, but through cursive, it show me: Error encountered performing task ‘run’ with profile(s): ‘base,system,user,provided,dev,run’

Jeff Evans03:07:50

there must be more to the error message than that?

Yang Xu04:07:19

Complete detail


What’s the “include drivers” message about?

Yang Xu09:07:43

These are some logic about Metabase, and I find some issues related about mine. But who can provider a fix solution?

Jeff Evans13:07:01

What is the run configuration you're using? For Metabase, remote repl works far better than local. So start it from the command line and connect via the nREPL socket from Cursive

Yang Xu13:07:40

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 2.50.53 PM

Yang Xu14:07:19

@U0183EZCD0D I am run it as Clojure application not REPL option

Jeff Evans14:07:13

Oh, I've never tried to do that. I always use the REPL to start and bring up the web server from there

Yang Xu14:07:47

Does REPL is convince to debug? Can make breakpoint in code and show the variables?

Jeff Evans14:07:01

Yes I do that all the time

Jeff Evans14:07:16

(I work at Metabase)

Yang Xu14:07:13

Wow, Could you give some articles about run MetaBase on the REPL?

Jeff Evans14:07:59

I have an internal wiki doc on the Cursive setup. I'll see if I can move it to the public one

Yang Xu14:07:47

Thanks, If you’ve moved it please tell me, That must be helpful.

Yang Xu14:07:26

But I am still curious why it cannot start at BigSur mac in my way, I consider maybe is a bug exist in BigSur? I have submit issue on cursive, but no response so far. And I find a similar issue:

Jeff Evans15:07:45

I’m on Big Sur and I’ve never run into this error


Hey @U0183EZCD0D, Thanks for publicizing the instructions! Although I think you edited the public wiki page with the the document is now public at <x> instead of the internal one 😅

Jeff Evans21:07:38

Oops.... I'll fix that

Jeff Evans21:07:14

thanks for pointing that out

Yang Xu02:07:19

When I run it on the local REPL, it show “Error running ‘Local’: Error executing Leiningen configuration.” There must be a problem, Even though I’ve tried to reinstall IDEA,

Yang Xu04:07:23

My mac come back to normal ,finally it make me sad a long time. The problem is there exist a bug with BigSur that about JAVA_CMD environment variable, But I already noted this problem and export this variable, the most deadly problem is I installed JENV to manage all jdks, and export is not which java path appropriate .😬 Yeah, @U0183EZCD0D you are right there must be more error information, I figure out this in log of IDEA.

Jeff Evans04:07:33

I pretty much always use remote REPL for what it's worth. Much less hassle in the end

Yang Xu04:07:51

Thank everyone help.


does anybody know what this setting does? if my understanding is correct, it should automatically enable those aliases upon opening/synchronizing all Deps projects. if that's what it does, it doesn't seem to be working. in other words, i am still forced to manually enable (in the Clojure Deps tool window) an alias that's already listed there (in my case, dev).


Yes, those aliases should be enabled on new projects. I’ll check that tomorrow.


what about existing projects?


I think those are only the defaults for new projects.


is there any reason they cannot be enabled by default for existing projects?


i mean, if i put an alias on that list, it should be enabled, by default, for any (existing or new) project (since it's a global setting) unless i override it in a project locally (via the Clojure Deps tool window).


The problem with that is; imagine you open a project and one of those aliases is not set. I don’t know if that’s a project that you opened subsequently to setting it as a default and manually un-set it, or if it’s one that you haven’t opened since you set that alias as a default. I could have some extra hidden field of ‘aliases which have been manually disabled’, but that then gets pretty complex and I’m not sure what the logic for that field should be when you set and un-set defaults.