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I have a project that I’m trying to export a config for but it’s a dev time dependency and as such is in an alias. When I run clj-kondo --copy-configs --dependencies --lint "$(clojure -Spath)" it doesn’t import the configs. Only if I place the dependency in the main dependency list does it import. Is there a way to choose aliases to find imports in?

Joshua Suskalo14:07:45

There is not a way to get alias information from a dependency at the moment.


You mean an extra dependency in an alias? If so yeah, that’s what I hit. But have hacked around it by using the clj-kondo/config project and it works (for how long who can say 😄 )

Joshua Suskalo15:07:35

Well if you just wanted to get the path with an alias attached you could just run this:

clj-kondo --copy-configs --dependencies --lint "$(clojure -A:some-alias:other-alias -Spath)"

Joshua Suskalo15:07:09

I was assuming you wanted an alias from inside one of your dependencies.


facepalm that is so obvious now that you point it out! Thanks 😄