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Gregg Williams02:07:40

Absolute beginner here--I'm having a lot of problems using the jack-in repl and debugging features. With the repl, it seems to stop working after a few evaluations, so I close the window and jack-in again. Re. debugging, I have tried to learn how debugging works by trying to recreate the examples on the page, but I have the same spotty "works once, then I have to close the window and jack in again" behavior. I have tried debugging the fact-rec, simple, and print-nums fuctions (on the debugger doc page), and have actually gotten the expected behavior about 1 time out of 5. I'd appreciate any suggestions. thx


Hello. This issue may or may not be the cause of problems you have with the debugger right now: It's at the top of my priority list to fix. (If you install version 2.0.198 that issue should not be a problem - just a temporary workaround.) I'm not sure what's going wrong with your repl. I wonder if something you are evaluating is causing the repl to freeze up or appear so. Does it seem to happen with any code? If you can provide example code that we can try, that could help us narrow down the problem.

Tomas Brejla06:07:37

Hi Gregg. Any chance you're trying to print a huge amount of output in your REPL window? Once the number of lines in that window becomes large, appending to that window gets slow and calva may appear to be frozen. Often it's not frozen "forever", you "just" need to wait for a very long time (10s of seconds, perhaps even minutes). One can easily become nervous and try to press additional editing keys - which make things even worse. I know, I tried 🙂. This behavior starts to show after ~ 8k-10k lines on my machine. We've located the rootcause of this slowness and are working on some significant improvements in this area as well.

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Gregg Williams03:07:42

I just loaded 2.0.205 and debugging seems to work fine. thx

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