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Thanks @dorab @nate

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#asami Has graph queries built in, I’ll be experimenting with soon. I credit for me being able to grasp Datalog :)


🚀 thanks to everyone who came tonight, that was so much fun

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Thanks, @nate, @dorab, for organizing that -- it was great! I find Crux fascinating but the whole Datalog thing is still totally new to me. I think I'd love to find a project I could use Crux on 🙂

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Also thanks for the opportunity to wax lyrical about all the new CLI,, stuff 🙂 The core announcement is here for anyone who wants to read further: -- and of course I'm happy to field questions about any/all of this, either here or in a specific channel -- or even via DM. Here's depstar's docs about the -Ttools stuff in the CLI and about using depstar with

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