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Steven Deobald02:07:19

I managed an off-by-one error with my timezones. @seancorfield did the Learn Crux Datalog meetup end in under 50 minutes?


It's on right now. Been going just over an hour.


Are you in the waiting room?

Steven Deobald02:07:19

Got in. Thank you!

Tomas Brejla11:07:56

Will there be a recording available of that mentioned _Learn Crux Datalog_ meetup?


I'm not sure, although I'm curious too(!) This was the event page

Tomas Brejla12:07:46

@U899JBRPF and they mention in that event description you posted: The meeting will be recorded.

Tomas Brejla12:07:02

so fingers crossed 🤞 🙂

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Oh yeah, it pays to read :)

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Steven Deobald13:07:06

It was recorded. You can probably ping @U0510902N in #clojure-losangeles to see when it will be published. 🙂


Working on the recording now, hope to have it posted today or tomorrow

Tomas Brejla19:07:29

awesome, thanks for the information


It was a fun session! Many thanks to @U01AVNG2XNF for dropping in to answer Qs!

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Question - with regards to (unit) testing, how one would go about test a query (aside from transacting all the required data before-hand)? I saw I cannot just pass a normal {} to crux/q EDIT: never mind - I realized that there is only the above way by checking crux's tests

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iirc there's a speculative transaction function in crux

dominicm07:07:54 maybe you could do something like this, but for crux?


^ this is true also, although beware that with-tx can't be chained currently