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Pranav Bhaskar11:07:41

Hi, I'm Pranav from India, I discovered clojure around November last year and have been learning it since. I am a full stack javascript developer at my job. Was a total vim fanboy, then i had to make a hobby project that involved some typing in my native language Hindi. After spending days trying to find a terminal that could render Hindi fonts, I bumped into a stack overflow comment on why "Emacs is better than Vim". So I tried Emacs and immediately fell for it and the language it uses "elisp". It was so much fun I looked around hoping to find a way to make web apps with lisp. Then I found Clojure and got totaly hooked on it. Started doing 4clojure problems. Then Advent of Code happend in Decemeber, had a blast trying to solve them with help from Arne, Lambda Island videos, managed to solve a few myslef (only part 1 tbh). after that about 2 months without clojure, got busy at my job, lambda island stopped making videos :(. Somehow i put together the courage to continue 4clojure problems again, and made this (it isn't a PWA yet). And last week contributed to making it my first contribution to any clojure project (Hoping to contribute lots and lots.). That sums up my entire Clojure/Script journey up until now. Looking forward to great discussions 😊

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