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James Carr14:07:00

Hey all! I am looking for a to join our team. This role will work closely with both our SRE and Security and Compliance teams to level up our security posture and ensure our multi-region cloud environment is impenetrable and meets compliance requirements. This role is 100% remote. A big project we have coming up is launching within AWS China and we'll need a lot of help there!


The Clojure relevance of this is unclear. Please add it, or remove the post if there is nothing particularly Clojurian about it.


I now checked your site and see there is Clojure in the stack.

James Carr16:07:30

the stack is 90% Clojure. This role is more in the cloud infra side, but would be working with applications that are clojure based.


Maybe most people here know who Reify are. I have to admit that after having asked about it, I recalled that I had heard of you in this context. Anyway, I think it's good to be clear about that you're a Clojure house. It's good for “sales” too.😀

James Carr15:07:24 really needs to be updated. We have like 50 or 60 engineers now 🙂