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I have a stupid question on the lazy loader: it works AMAZING with ui functions. But I also have normal utility functions that need to be lazy loaded. And most of this functions are synchronous. So for this functions I cannot return a different ui while they are loading. I tried many options, but it seems I cannot block util an async call is finished. Any ideas?


the point of async is that you don't block : )


@hoertlehner its impossible to block so you won't find a solution to that other than going async

Afonso Tsukamoto07:07:11

Hi! I started developing a clojurescript app that needs to target nodejs using shadow-cljs. One of the dependencies I have is macchiato for the web-server which uses lein-npm to manage npm dependencies. Is there a way to get shadow-cljs to manage these dependencies? Currently, to make it work, I copied the dependencies to the package.json but this is mostly an hard to maintain hack

Chris McCormick09:07:39

Hi all, I was wondering if it's possible to get source-maps in watch mode for a :target :node-script? I want to see the expressjs tracebacks in terms of my cljs code. I tried putting this in my shadow-cljs.edn

:compiler-options {:source-map true
                                      :source-map-inline true}
But the only way I can get source maps is if I do release mode with --debug. Any help is much appreciated! 🙏


@chris358 source maps are enabled by default for watch in :node-script? do you have shadow-cljs installed in the project? you need the source-map-support package, either intalled directly or indirectly via shadow-cljs

Chris McCormick00:07:21

Ah ok, yes, I am successfully getting source-mapped tracebacks into cljs code now with no changes. I am not sure what made me think it wasn't working. facepalm sorry for the noise!


there is nothing else you need to activate since it should be enabled by default


@afonsotsukamoto macchiato would need to provide a deps.cljs file listing the :npm-deps. not sure if it does. the leinigen files won't do anything